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 L'Ennemi Japonais à Hollywood

Regi / Director:   Clara Kuperberg, Julia Kuperberg


54 min | France | 2019 |  English, Japanese, French, English subtitles

The film is presented in collaboration with Östasiatiska Museet and will be followed by a discussion *

Until today, the whitewashing is a racist tradition in Hollywood, and as the “blackface”, the “yellowface” was used in Hollywood as a propaganda tool and manifestation of the racism.

The attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941 changed the world forever. The United States entered WW2. More than 110,000 citizens of Japanese origin were rounded up and dispatched to camps until the end of the war. Hollywood was quick to react with films from Know Your Enemy to Bugs Bunny Nip the Nip. With the arrival of the Cold War the enemy image had to change quickly and Hollywood obliged.

> The film will be followed by a discussion with:
- Tobias Hübinette, Dr in Korean language & culture and researcher. He studied how Asian people are seen in Sweden and participated in many debates about stereotypes about Asians.
- Petra Holmberg, curator of Japan at the Museums of World Culture in Sweden
- Kim Khavar Fahlstedt, lecturer at the Department of Media Studies of Stockholm University whose focuses on transnational cinema and mediations of identity and local cinema exhibition practices and reception.

Fram till idag har “whitewashing” varit en rasitisk tradition i Hollywood. Med liknande mekanismer som “blackface” har “yellowface” använts som ett propagandaverktyg i Hollywood som manifesterat rasismen. 

Attacken på Pearl Harbor den 7:e december, 1941, förändrade världen för alltid då USA anslöt till andra världskriget. Mer än 110 000 japanska medborgare blev utsända till läger ända till krigets slut. Hollywood var snabba med att plocka upp detta i filmer som Know Your Enemy  och Bugs Bunny Nip the Nip. I samband med andra världskriget behövde bilden av fienden snabbt förändras och Hollywood var inte sena att hänga på.


Visningar / Screenings


Stockholm, Östasiatiska museet:
26 Okt, 18:00