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Are you up to 15 years old?

Up to 15 years old, you only pay 30 sek for the films mentionned below!

All you need is an ID proving your age and to come to pick up your tickets at Grand (Sveavägen 45) at our festival desk between October 20th and 25th.

STILL HUMAN / 淪落人 - 22 oct,  18:30

Director: Oliver Chan

With: Anthony Wong, Crisel Consunji, Sam Lee

111 min | 2018 | Hong Kong | From 7 yo

Cantonese, English, Tagalog - English subtitles

with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London

THE HOUSE OF US / 우리집  - 24 oct, 11:00

Director:  Yoon Ga-eun

With: Kim Na-yeon, Kim Sia, Joo Ye-lim

92 min | 2019 | South Korea

Korean - English subtitles

No age limit

THE CROSSING / 过春天 -  24 oct, 13:15

Director:  Bai Xue

With:  Huang Yao, Sunny Sun, Carmen Soup

99 min | 2019  | China  

Mandarin, Cantonese - English subtitles | From 11 yo

Från 11 år

In collaboration with Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholms Universitet

The screening will be followed by a discussion

BASEBALL GIRL / 야구소녀  - 25 oct, 11:00

Director:  Choi Yun-tae

With:   Lee Joo-Young, Lee Jun-Huyk, Yeom Hyr-Ran

105 min | 2019 | South Korea 

Korean - Engelsk text | No age limit

GO-GO SISTERS / Tháng Năm Rực Rỡ - 25 oct, 13:30

Director:  Quang Dũng Nguyen

With: Hồng Ánh, Hoàng  Yến Chibi, Thanh Hằng,  Hoàng Oanh

117 min | 2017 | Vietnam | From 11 yo

Vietnamese - English subtitles

To attend a screening you need to purchase a ticket. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable!

<15 y.o tickets are sold only on site at Grand biografen during the festival week. Includes the films named above only

The information above applies to the screenings at Grand Biografen (Stockholm) from October 20th to 25th 2020. For the other cities, please refer to the theaters' respective websites.

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