Money Has Four Legs02.png


Regi / Director: Maung Sun

Skådespelare / Actors:   Khin Khin Hsu,  Okkar Dat Khe,  Ko Thu

98 min | Myanmar | 2020 | Burmese, English subtitles.

From 11 Yo

In Stockholm: screening followed by a discussion in collaboration with Stockholm Center for Global Asia, Stockholms Universitet 

with Kristina Simion whose research concerns Myanmar and Southeast Asia where she focuses on rule of law and constitutional processes and state recognition and global relationships formed through bilateral and multilateral development. 

A young director is funded to shoot a film thanks to his father's reputation. His producer is breathing down his neck about censorship; his actors would rather be live-streaming; his alcoholic brother-in-law breaks the camera. His rent is going up; his wife is losing hope. Money has four legs, and it's only ever running away from him. A comedy of errors which pays homage to Myanmar's rich history of cinema ... and its struggle with censorship.

En ung regissör får finansiering för att göra en film tack vare sin pappas meriter. Hans producent jagar honom om censur, skådespelarna vill hellre livestreama och hans alkoholiserade svåger tar sönder kameran. Hans hyra stiger och hans fru tappar hoppet. Pengar har fyra ben och de springer iväg från honom. En komedi om det som kan gå fel och en hyllning till Myanmars rika filmhistoria och dess utmaningar med censur.


Visningar / Screenings


Stockholm, Grand:
2 Oct, 11:00

Sundbyberg, Bio Bristol:
2 Oct, 18:30

Norrköping, Cnema:
17 Oct, 18:00