Om oss

Den ideella föreningen Asiatiska Filmfestivalen (AFF) har till ändamål att främja spridningen av filmer från Asien, i Sverige, bland annat genom att arrangera filmvisningar och den årligt återkommande Asiatiska Filmfestivalen. AFF fokuserar på filmer från Sydasien (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indien, Maldiverna, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan), Ostasien (Kina, Nordkorea, Sydkorea, Japan, Mongoliet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ryska Fjärran Östern) och Sydöstra Asien (Burma/Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesien, Kambodja,  Laos, Malaysia, Filippinerna, Singapore, Thailand, Östtimor, Vietnam)

AFF är en allmännyttig ideell förening med kulturellt ändamål. Den är politiskt, religiöst och affärsmässigt obunden.

AFF 2020 anordnas med stöd av Stockholms Stad, Koreanska ambassaden, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London och Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholms Universitet, samt i samarbete med Franska Filmfestivalen, ABF Stockholm

och Monsters of Film.

AFF 2020 is organized with the support of  the City of Stockholm,The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sweden,  the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London and Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholms Universitet, and in collaboration with Franska Filmfestivalen, ABF Stockholm and Monsters of Film.

Bilden är från "Ash Is Purest White" av Jia Zhang­ke © Triart Film


Biljetter / Tickets


Informationen nedan gäller filmvisningarna på biografen Grand i Stockholm. För övriga visningar, se respektive biografs hemsida längst ned. 

Biljettpris: 90 kr
Reducerat pris*: 70 kr
Festivalpass**: 720 kr
Festivalpass reducerat pris /*: 560 kr
Under 15 år***: 30 kr, se nedan

För att få delta vid en filmvisning krävs giltig biljett. Biljetter kommer säljas online från oktober och i biljettkassan på Grand under festivalveckan. Biljetterna är ej återbetalningsbara.

* Reducerat pris erbjuds endast vid uppvisande av giltigt intyg för studenter, arbetslösa, sjukskrivna eller pensionärer samt studenter vid ABF som läser kurser i japanska eller kinesiska.
** Festivalpasset inkluderar alla filmer förutom Ash is Purest White, Samourai Marathon och En kolibris liv. Du behöver hämta ut biljetterna till de valda filmerna vid festivalkassan på Grand senast 30 minuter innan filmstart.
*** Priset gäller mot uppvisande av giltigt intyg samt för filmer lämpliga för besökare under 15 år, läs mer här.


The information below applies to the screenings at Grand Biografen (Stockholm). For the other cities, please refer to the theaters respective websites (see below).

Film Ticket:  90 sek

Reduced price*: 70 sek

Festival Pass**: 720 sek

Festival Pass reduced price*/** : 560 sek

Under 15 years old***: 30 sek, see below

To attend a screening you need to purchase a ticket. Tickets will be available for sale online from early October and at the festival desk at Grand theater during the festival week. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable!

* Reduced priced allowed on presentation of proof for students, unemployed, disabled and pensioners benefits and students in Japanese and Chinese at ABF.

** The festival pass includes all the films except Ash is Purest White, Samourai Marathon and En Kolibris Liv.

You need to pick up your tickets at the festival desk at Grand biografen up to 30 minutes before the start of the films. 

*** <15 y.o tickets : allowed on presentation of proof and for the films identified as suitable for an audience under 15 years old.


Unga AFF

Are you up to 15 years old? You only pay 30 sek for the films mentionned below in Stockholm!​

All you need is an ID proving your age and either booking your tickets online (here) or come and pick up your tickets at Grand (Sveavägen 45) at our festival desk between October 20th and 25th.

STILL HUMAN / 淪落人 - 22 oct,  18:30

Director: Oliver Chan

Actors: Anthony Wong, Crisel Consunji, Sam Lee

111 min | 2018 | Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese, English, Tagalog

Subtitle: English  

From 7 yo 

with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London

THE HOUSE OF US / 우리집  - 24 oct, 11:00

Director: Yoon Ga-eun

Actors: Kim Na-yeon, Kim Sia, Joo Ye-lim

92 min | 2019 | South Korea 

Language: Korean 

Subtitle: English Text

No age limit

with the support of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sweden and Kofic (Korean Film Council)

THE CROSSING / 过春天 -  24 oct, 13:15

Director:  Bai Xue

Actors:  Huang Yao, Sunny Sun , Carmen Soup

99 min | 2019  | China

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese - Subtitles: English

From 11 yo 

In collaboration with Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholms Universitet

The screening will be followed by a discussion

BASEBALL GIRL / 야구소녀  - 25 oct, 11:00

Director:  Choi Yun-tae

Actors:   Lee Joo-Young, Lee Jun-Huyk, Yeom Hyr-Ran

105 min | 2019  | South Korea Language: Korean

Subtitles: English

No age limit

with the support of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sweden  and Kofic (Korean Film Council)

GO-GO SISTERS / Tháng Năm Rực Rỡ - 25 oct, 13:30

Director: Quang Dũng Nguyen

Actors: Hồng Ánh, Hoàng  Yến Chibi, Thanh Hằng,  Hoàng Oanh

117 min | 2017 | Vietnam

Language: Vietnamese

Subtitles: English

From 11 yo

In collaboration with Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholms Universitet

• To attend a screening you need to purchase a ticket. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable!

• <15 y.o tickets are sold online (here) or on site at Grand biografen during the festival week. Include the films named above only

• The information above applies to the screenings at Grand Biografen (Stockholm) from October 20th to 25th 2020. For the other cities, please refer to the theaters' respective websites (see below)


Städer / Cities

Here is more information about the participating cities! 

Här kommer mer information om städerna där vi visar filmer.


Mälarö torg 7, Ekerö centrum www.malarobion.se

GO-GO SISTERS_Press Still_03.jpg

Royal, Nygatan 1

Kungsgatan 56


Bodholmsgången 13


Sveavägen 45


Västra Strandgatan 11, Lastintaget www.folketsbioumea.se


About Corona...

Asiatiska Filmfestivalen will take place in October 2020, physically in film theaters.
We are going through difficult times but this doesn't mean we cannot enjoy cultural activities such as a film festival, which is a wonderful way of travelling and discovering other cultures.
In this regard, together with the theaters' teams, AFF complies with the Swedish authorities' recommendations and takes various measures for everyone's safety - which is our priority ! We want everyone who attends the festival to enjoy the screenings and feel safe.

Therefore, the number of persons allowed in the screening rooms is limited to 50 (sometimes less in some of the participating cities, please check the respective theater's websites for the details).

Also, your help is even more important:
● If you are sick: we recommend you stay home and take good care of your health. If you want to receive any tips on good Asian films to watch from your sofa with a warm cup of tea: please send us a message, we are more than happy to share our ideas!

● If you can attend the festival and watch the films with us
- make sure you keep enough distance with the other visitors
- wash your hands when you enter the theater
- book your tickets online in advance when you can

● If you want to know more about the measures our theaters take everyday, please have a look here:
Grand, Stockholm 
Folkets Bio Umeå, Umeå
Skärisbiografen, Skärholmen

If you have any further concerns feel welcome to contact either the theaters or us: we will do our best to help you!❤️