Om oss

Den ideella föreningen Asiatiska Filmfestivalen (AFF) har till ändamål att främja spridningen av filmer från Asien, i Sverige, bland annat genom att arrangera filmvisningar och den årligt återkommande Asiatiska Filmfestivalen. AFF fokuserar på filmer från Sydasien (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indien, Maldiverna, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan), Östasien (Kina, Nordkorea, Sydkorea, Japan, Mongoliet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ryska Fjärran Östern) och Sydöstra Asien (Burma/Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesien, Kambodja,  Laos, Malaysia, Filippinerna, Singapore, Thailand, Östtimor, Vietnam)

AFF är en allmännyttig ideell förening med kulturellt ändamål. Den är politiskt, religiöst och affärsmässigt obunden.

AFF 2021 anordnas med stöd av
Svenska Film Institutet | The Japan Foundation |  The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sweden &  Korean Film Council | Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London | Film i Västerbotten | Stockholm center for Global Asia, Stockholm Universitet |  Filmtech

och i samarbete med
ABF Stockholm | The Embassy of Mongolia | Franska Filmfestivalen | Keemchi Stan | Monsters of Film | Studio S Entertainment | Ria Money Transfer | Swedish Korean Film Festival [ Östasiatiska Museet

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About Corona...

Asiatiska Filmfestivalen will take place in September-October 2021, physically in film theaters.

We are going through difficult times but this doesn't mean we cannot enjoy cultural activities such as a film festival, which is a wonderful way of travelling and discovering other cultures.

In this regard, together with the theaters' teams, AFF complies with the Swedish authorities' recommendations and takes various measures for everyone's safety - which is our priority ! We want everyone who attends the festival to enjoy the screenings and feel safe.

The number of persons allowed in the screening rooms will be adjusted in accordance with the current recommendations and regulations. Therefore, the number of available tickets can fluctuate. If your favourite film is sold out, don’t hesitate to show up at the cinema, sometimes we are able to release more tickets since groups don’t show up. 

Also, your help is even more important:

● If you are sick: we recommend you stay home and take good care of your health. If you want to receive any tips on good Asian films to watch from your sofa with a warm cup of tea: please send us a message, we are more than happy to share our ideas!

● If you can attend the festival and watch the films with us:

- make sure you keep enough distance with the other visitors

- wash your hands when you enter the theater

- book your tickets online in advance when you can

● If you want to know more about the measures our theaters take everyday, please have a look at their websites.

If you have any further concerns feel welcome to contact either the theaters or us: we will do our best to help you!